“To Inspire Hope and Ignite Positive Possibilities.”


To inspire the Pay-It-Forward with Intention philosophy to create a ripple effect of social and economic well-being.


By creating cities that Pay-It-Forward with Intention we change our world and activate dreams.


There have been several books that have helped me in my journey to accomplish my dreams. I hope these titles can help you too.


Building connections. Achieving dreams. Learning to barter. I will have several programs ready to support you and your dreams coming soon.


Conversations are a big part of building community and connections. Our podcast, Be The Change – St. Louis, will be coming soon! 


Books, posters, shirts, St. Louis media guide – all this and more will be available in my store. Check back often as new products are available.


Book Karen to speak for your next event! Topics include:

  • Joy of Goals
  • Bartering
  • Connections
  • and so much more!


A monthly blog post on important topics to help you connect, succeed, dream big/dream little, take steps, and build your business will be found here. Check back often to find the topics that can help you.